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The patient's appetite can be diminished by the filled peritoneal cavity.
After infection for 24 h, leukocyte migration into the peritoneal cavity was significantly higher in [LP.
A massive amount of lymph fluid then leaked from around the external iliac vessels and accumulated in the peritoneal cavity without absorption.
Refractory ascites, which describes an accumulation of pale yellow or clear "serous" fluid in the peritoneal cavity below the chest and diaphragm that does not respond to medical treatment, affects an estimated 100,000 people in the U.
Exploration was needed in cases of intraperitoneal injuries that lead to contamination of the peritoneal cavity with intestinal contents resulting in fever, sepsis or peritonitis.
Peritoneal or pelvic washing/lavage for staging of gynecological cancers or evaluating the spread of pancreatic and gastric cancers were performed by instilling physiological saline solution into the peritoneal cavity, then withdrawing the fluid for cytopathological evaluation.
Researchers discovered that inflammation in the body and the peritoneal cavity where dialysis is performed are separate.
The 86 procedures described are arranged by systems, among them endocrine, the ear, the peritoneal cavity, the urinary tract, reproductive, the thoracic wall, and cardiac.
After surgery, the cecum of the animals was replaced into peritoneal cavity, and it was closed in two layers with a 4.
The worm may escape into the peritoneal cavity through perforations at these sites of ulceration [6].
1980), by placing 2 tube drains in the dorsal part of the peritoneal cavity in the subdiaphragmatic space.
1) Ascites, although rare in the course of hydatid disease, can result from cyst rupture into the peritoneal cavity.