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, pl.


(per'i-thē'sē-ŭm, -sē-ă),
In fungi, a flask-shaped ascocarp, one of the many shapes of structures that bear asci and ascospores; useful as an aid in identifying a fungus.
[peri- + G. thēkē, flask]
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(pĕr′ə-thē′shē-əm, -sē-əm)
n. pl. perithe·cia (-shē-ə, -sē-ə)
A small flask-shaped fruiting body in certain ascomycetous fungi that contains the ascospores.

per′i·the′ci·al (-shē-əl, -sē-əl) adj.
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a type of fruiting body found in fungi of the ASCOMYCOTA, containing numerous asci (see ASCUS).
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Stromata effused, applanate to pulvinate; 0.7-80 mm long x 0.5-40 mm broad x 0.8-1 mm thick, with inconspicuous perithecial mounds up to 1/4 exposed; surface Umber (9) with grey tones when young, becoming black to blackish when old; brown to black granules immediately beneath surface, brown granules detected by microscopic examination in water; KOH-extractable pigments pale Olivaceous Grey (121); the tissue below the perithecial layer inconspicuous, black.
In case of perithecial development (Table II), traces of perithecia were observed in response to maltose in the case of S1, S2, S3, Sw92.1 and Sw17.2, while N5, N6 and N7 showed a better response to glucose.
Besides having a very different perithecial neck and tip, the last-named three species also differ from L.