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inflammation of a tendon and its sheath, usually seen in the hands and wrists or feet and ankles; it is often the result of intense and continued use, as with pianists and typists. It is painful, and may temporarily disable the affected part. Rheumatoid and other types of arthritis frequently involve tendon sheaths. A less common cause of tenosynovitis is injury to the tendon sheath and subsequent infection. It can also be the result of tuberculous or gonorrheal infection. Treatment is by immobilization of the limb or, in severe cases, by surgery for the purpose of draining an infected sheath, or to release a tendon from a constricting sheath.
villonodular tenosynovitis a condition marked by exaggerated proliferation of synovial membrane cells, producing a solid tumorlike mass, commonly occurring in periarticular soft tissues and less frequently in joints.
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Inflammation of the sheath of a tendon.
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(per'i-ten'di-nī'tis )
Inflammation of the sheath of a tendon.
Synonym(s): peritenonitis, peritenontitis.
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