peristaltic rush

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peristaltic rush

a powerful wave of contractile activity that travels long distances down the small intestine, caused by intense irritation or unusual distension. Also called peristaltic reflex.


pertaining to or emanating from peristalsis.

peristaltic reflex
onward movement of a bolus of ingesta in the intestine is preceded by a reflex dilation of the intestine.
peristaltic rush
a rapid movement of intestinal contents that results in diarrhea caused by an absence of peristaltic rhythm and sphincter tone.
peristaltic sounds
made by the vigorous and rapid mixing of fluid and gas by peristaltic movement in the intestines and forestomachs. Are loudest and evocative in the rumen of the cow and the colon and cecum of the horse. Thoracic peristaltic sounds can be suggestive of intestines located in thorax via a diaphragmatic hernia and need to be differentiated from normal intestinal sounds transmitted via viscera from the peritoneal cavity.
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