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adjective Referring to Perissodactyla, an order of odd-toed ungulates.

perissodactyl, perissodactylids

any member of the order Perissodactyla, animals which have an odd number of toes. Includes the pentadactyls, e.g. elephants, tridactyls, e.g. tapir (but only on the hindlimbs, the front limbs have four digits), and the monodactyls, e.g. horses.
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The teeth of the perissodactyls are perfect for eating grass and plants.
Pages 262-297 in The evolution of the perissodactyls (D.
The age assigned to the Formation in Kohat-Potwar province is early Pliocene on the basis of the fossils such as crocodilians, chelonians, perissodactyls, rhinoceros, carnivores, proboscideans, primates and artiodactyls have been reported by Pascoe (1963).
Similarly, the expansion of the artiodactyls and decline of the perissodactyls in the late Cenozoic appear to have been mediated by climatic and resulting vegetational changes rather than by direct competition (Janis 1989).