perirenal insufflation

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1. the blowing of a powder, vapor, or gas into a body cavity.
2. a drug administered by this method, especially a powder or aerosol carried into the respiratory passages.
perirenal insufflation injection of air around the kidney for radiologic examination of the adrenal glands.
tracheal gas insufflation continuous insufflation of a low flow of fresh gas to the distal endotracheal tube, believed capable of flushing out the anatomical dead space and thus reducing Paco2.
tubal insufflation Rubin's test.
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per·i·re·nal in·suf·fla·tion

an obsolete technique involving injection of air or carbon dioxide about the kidneys for radiography of the adrenal glands.
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perirenal insufflation

The obsolete technique of instilling air into the perirenal space in order to visualize the adrenal gland better on radiographic studies.
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