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Abdominal CT revealed lacerations of the spleen and liver in addition to perirenal hematoma and left acetabular fracture.
Patients were discharged once they were hemodynamically stable as well as interval imaging showed no worsening of renal injury, with reduction in size of perirenal hematoma.
The abdominal ultrasonography indicated a perirenal hematoma around the right kidney [Figure 1]a.
1] Firstly, colon surgery can induce inflammation and the localized abscess can erode the perirenal hematoma.
17) On the other hand, previous case reports have shown the increased risk of pituitary apoplexy and perirenal hematoma following coronary angiography in patients who had used anticoagulant agents.
Spontaneous perirenal hematoma during coronary angiography.
A 57 year old female was referred to us via an outside Emergency Department following the finding of a renal laceration with perirenal hematoma detected on CT scan.
Spontaneous rupture of the kidney with perirenal hematoma.
5) The two absolute indication for surgery in renal trauma are life threatening renal hemorrhage with hemodynamic instability or expanding or pulsatile perirenal hematoma identified intraoperatively.
One patient in SWL group suffered from steinstrasse; 2 patients suffered from severe pain and discontinued the therapy, and 1 patient had perirenal hematoma and was treated conservatively.
CT plays an important role in the management of patients presenting with this syndrome, not only by demonstrating the perirenal hematoma, but has illustrated in our patient, by revealing the underlying cause as well.
Large perirenal hematoma after extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy.