perirectal abscess

per·i·rec·tal ab·scess

an abscess in connective tissue adjacent to the rectum or anus.


around the rectum in the tissues of the pelvic cavity.

perirectal abscess
caused usually by minor perforation of vagina or rectum.
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Keywords: Chronic granulomatous disease, Perirectal abscess, Nitrotetrazolium, Dihydrorhodamine.
A key treatment principle is to search out the source of infection and drain it, whether it is a paronychia, sinusitis, perirectal abscess, or some other focus.
Three days prior, he had sought treatment for a small perirectal abscess, which was managed with drainage and outpatient oral antibiotics.
pneumophila with mixed flora was identified in a perirectal abscess (8) and in skin samples from a patient with lymphoma and cellulitis associated with pneumonia (9).
Perirectal abscess caused by Legionella pneumophila and mixed anaerobic bacteria.
The aerobic and anaerobic bacteriology of perirectal abscess.
Adults with a purulent skin or soft-tissue infection of less than 1 week duration were included in the study (patients with perirectal abscess were excluded).
In 1 MRSA patient, a perirectal abscess developed 5 months after the mastitis resolved.
Although more common in adults, perirectal abscess is frequently encountered in pediatric practice.
The clinical manifestations of invasive disease in patients with clone B infection included sepsis, toxic-shock syndrome, osteomyelitis, fasciitis, bacteremia, pyomyositis, pneumonia with empyema, deep visceral abscesses, and perirectal abscess with prostatitis; 1 patient in this group died.