perirectal abscess

per·i·rec·tal ab·scess

an abscess in connective tissue adjacent to the rectum or anus.
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MRE also plays a role in the diagnosis of extra-enteric complications of IBD such as perirectal abscess or sclerosing cholangitis.
It also revealed a 3.1 x 1.9 cm dumbbell-shaped loculated fluid collection anterior to the anus consistent with perirectal abscess (Figure 3) confirming the etiology of his rectal discomfort.
Abcarian, "Anal carcinoma presenting as a perirectal abscess or fistula," Archives of Surgery, vol.
Keywords: Chronic granulomatous disease, Perirectal abscess, Nitrotetrazolium, Dihydrorhodamine.
A key treatment principle is to search out the source of infection and drain it, whether it is a paronychia, sinusitis, perirectal abscess, or some other focus.
Three days prior, he had sought treatment for a small perirectal abscess, which was managed with drainage and outpatient oral antibiotics.
pneumophila with mixed flora was identified in a perirectal abscess (8) and in skin samples from a patient with lymphoma and cellulitis associated with pneumonia (9).
The aerobic and anaerobic bacteriology of perirectal abscess. J Clin Microbiol 1997; 35:2974-6.
Adults with a purulent skin or soft-tissue infection of less than 1 week duration were included in the study (patients with perirectal abscess were excluded).
In 1 MRSA patient, a perirectal abscess developed 5 months after the mastitis resolved.
Although more common in adults, perirectal abscess is frequently encountered in pediatric practice.[1] Despite its relatively common occurrence, however, there is very little written about perirectal abscess in children.
The clinical manifestations of invasive disease in patients with clone B infection included sepsis, toxic-shock syndrome, osteomyelitis, fasciitis, bacteremia, pyomyositis, pneumonia with empyema, deep visceral abscesses, and perirectal abscess with prostatitis; 1 patient in this group died.