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(per'if'er-in), [MIM*170710]
A glycoprotein apparently necessary to maintain the shape of the outer segment disc membranes of rods and cones; it is thought by many investigators that a defect in peripherin is associated with certain types of blindness.
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Caption: Figure 3: Immunofluorescence of unsorted H9 hESCs on day 21 of neuronal differentiation demonstrating expression of (a) neural cell adhesion molecule (NCAM), (b) tyrosine hydroxylase (TH), (c) peripherin (PRPH), and (d) dopamine betahydroxylase (DBH).
(c) mRNA expression by RT-PCR of FACS sorted H9 p75+ and p75- ve fractions showing high expression of TH, DBH, and PERIPHERIN in p75+ cells and undetectable expression in p75- cells and equivalent SNAIL expression in both populations.
Peripherin stains variable sizes of neuronal cell bodies in DRG.
In this study, varying sizes of neuronal cell bodies were measured using Nissl stain and correlated with peripherin immunostaining.
In this study, cell bodies in the DRG were also evaluated for immunostaining of peripherin. In the previous literature, it was already mentioned that peripherin mainly shows the immunoreactivity in small- to medium-sized cell bodies in DRG but the exact range of cell bodies were not mentioned.
Our study has demonstrated that the proteins Krox 20, p75, and peripherin can be expressed not only by the SCs in the peripheral nerve system (PNS) but also by cells of the gray and white matter of the intact spinal cord whose group specificity is to be determined.
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A peripherin knockout mouse model lacking type II innervation of the cochlea was used in that study.
Abbreviations MOC: Medial olivocochlear SGNs: Spiral ganglion neurons OHCs: Outer hair cells DPOAEs: Distortion product otoacoustic emissions Prph: Peripherin gene PBS: Phosphate-buffered saline EDTA: Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid OCT: Optimal cutting temperature compound Tuj1: Tubulin [beta]3 Prph: Peripherin protein ANOVA: Analysis of variance.
Liberman, "Type II cochlear ganglion neurons do not drive the olivocochlear reflex: re-examination of the cochlear phenotype in peripherin knock-out mice," eNeuro, vol.
S1: whole-mount immunostaining of cochlear basement membrane in the surgically prepared guinea pigs (dehiscence close to the oval window with a size of 0.5 x 0.5 mm), with phalloidin (green), peripherin (red), and Ctbp2 (blue) in the apical (A, D, and G), middle (B, E, and H), and midbasal (C, F, and I) turns of the cochlear, which showed the normal structure of hair cells, neural nerves, and synapses.