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colonization of other tissues by T lymphocytes from the thymus which populate specific regions of lymph nodes and the periarteriolar zone of splenic corpuscles.

Patient discussion about peripheralization

Q. I am interested in finding info on Peripheral neuropathy and its symptoms. I wonder if I have it. I have restless leg syndrome discovered via a sleep clinic. A small tingling area developed in my back about 8 years ago. Nothing was disclosed to me about it and it progressed further up the back. I now wake up some nights with what I describe as left shoulder knot that makes left arm tingle and feel numb. Sometimes also goes down through to the left leg. It makes me feel jumpy and have trouble getting back to sleep. I rub Benyln on shoulder and take Tylenol. I eventually fall back to sleep. I do not have a family Dr. as she closed her practice and I must now visit walkin clinics. A stress test was recently done as I was having chest pain. Dr. thinks it's due to my Acid Reflux. HELP!

A. numbness and tingling can be symptoms of 25 possible cases. how i know? i just typed those symptoms in this symptom checker, and this is what i got:

about neuropathy- as i recall (and i could be wrong here), in most cases it's a symptom that something cause. your nervous system usually don't just shut off with no reason.

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The third section engages selective metropolitan expansion demonstrating how newly built infrastructure, particularly the Manaus-lranduba Bridge, has begun to transform the Rio Negro's south bank, where urban upgrading and peripheralization are concurrent.
Correlation between centralization or peripheralization of symptoms in low back pain and the results of magnetic resonance imaging.
In contrast, many (though certainly not all) of the other relatively small states in the European Union are further from the European economic core, and may be more fearful of peripheralization.
are precisely mirrored by the reality of the blank utopia of contemporary consumerist society: easy participation in the economy of empty consumerism, tightly managed by a system of political, industrial, and media enterprises; or peripheralization and isolation.
Barendse, the seventeenth century marked the initial stages of the region's peripheralization or the "development of underdevelopment" at the hands of the great northern European trading companies, especially the Dutch (8-9).
Fueled by persistent tensions between regions and the center in a vast majority of political systems, the study of the institutional conditions for the maintenance of centralization or peripheralization of federalism has come to the forefront of scholarly and public debate.
The drying up of foreign trade further isolated the city and contributed to its peripheralization.
It bears mentioning that the consequences of this peripheralization are not just theoretical.
I contend that hominid adolescents and young adults may have gone through a period of sex-segregated social and physical peripheralization similar to that found in many other primates.
In unconsciously projecting the UN/US model back in time, and focussing on instances that best exemplify it, Anderson reproduces, according to Kelly and Kaplan, 'what was worst about the "new nations" paradigm' of 1950s modernization theory: 'an unexamined evolutionism, a vague sense of necessity and inevitability to nation-states and national community, and a peripheralization of colonial political dynamics' (p22).
Walker intervenes fruitfully, almost in passing, in a great many historical debates, from the relationships between commercialization and capitalist development and gender relations, to the economic and social peripheralization of the Subei region north of the Yangtze, to the effects of imperialism on peasant standards of living.