peripheral chemoreceptor

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pe·riph·er·al che·mo·re·cep·tor

the chemoreceptors in the carotid and aortic bodies that are stimulated by chemical changes in the composition of the blood such as hypoxia.
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The future for the upcoming studies lies in the new imaging techniques, capable of introducing fine communication relationships between the peripheral chemoreceptor cells and the sensory nerve endings.
This article will describe the hypercapnic and associated studies used to study and quantify central and peripheral chemoreceptor control of ventilation or respiratory drive.
Peripheral chemoreceptor contributions to sympathetic and cardiovascular responses during hypercapnia.
2003b) have tested the hypothesis that entrainment of breathing frequency (Bf) by exercise rhythm may be affected during conditions of an enhanced peripheral chemoreceptor activity in hypoxia.
Peripheral chemoreceptor physiology provides this answer.
There is considerable evidence of interactions between peripheral chemoreceptor and arterial baroreceptor reflexes (18).
Indeed additional oxygen would likely decrease the heart rate and blood pressure as well by negating peripheral chemoreceptor stimulation.
The peripheral chemoreceptors which are sensitive to the lowered oxygen levels in the blood would also send strong stimulation to the respiratory center to start exhalation.
Environmental effects on numbers of peripheral chemoreceptors on the antennae of a grasshopper.
The resting ventilatory response to hypoxia (HVR) is one of the most fascinating characteristics that reveal individual sensitivity response of peripheral chemoreceptors to hypoxia [2,3].
The sensation is mediated primarfly through central and peripheral chemoreceptors and stimulated by hypercapnia or hypoxia in the presence of decreased arterial carbon dioxide (C[O.
The change is CO2 and the pH change by lactate is detected directly through the peripheral chemoreceptors in the carotid bodies, which control VE.

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