periosteal reaction

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per·i·os·te·al re·ac·tion

radiographically detectable new subperiosteal bone formed as a reaction to soft tissue or osseous disease.

periosteal reaction

The laying down of new bone on a specialized connective tissue that covers the surface of a bone after it has been irritated or invaded, e.g., by cancer, infection, or trauma. The new bone is visible radiographically as a thickening, widening, blurring, or spiculation of the bony cortex.

onion skin periosteal reaction

A radiologic sign attributable to a lamellar periosteal reaction in which multiple concentric layers of new bone are laid down.


pertaining to or emanating from the periosteum.

periosteal bud
a stage in the development of bone to replace existing cartilage; periosteal bud formation results in the removal of calcified cartilage.
periosteal elevator
a heavy metal instrument, with a broad, flat thin end for prising between periosteum and bone and lifting the periosteum prior to working on the bone. See also sayre elevator, matson elevator.
periosteal reaction
production of new bone by the periosteum in response to injury or irritation.
periosteal stripping
may occur in association with fractures, damaging vascular supply and delaying callus formation.
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Additionally, irregular, interrupted, or complex periosteal reaction including Codman's triangle, "hair-on-end" appearance, or a spiculated "sunburst" pattern of periosteal reaction is typically present, yet notably absent at the time of initial presentation in this case.
12) Absence of any associated bone destruction, massive periosteal reaction, no other soft tissue mass, and an intact underlying cortex on a plain roentgenogram are used to differentiate it from any other neoplastic osseous lesion.
If the mass is located near bone, it might result in cortical erosion and/or a periosteal reaction.
Radiographic features of tumour Location Eccentric in metaphysis of long bones Appearance Mixed areas of lysis and sclerosis Tumour margin Ill-defined, permeative infiltration into normal bone cortex violated without expanding bony contour Tumour matrix Cloud-like appearance with areas of calcification Periosteal reaction Codman's triangle or sunburst sign Soft-tissue extension Large circumferential soft-tissue mass Table 3.
Imaging studies are diagnostic when prominent, haphazard, intralesional calcification, cortical disruption, periosteal reaction, and soft tissue masses are noted.
Florid cortical and periosteal reactions due to stress fractures of the right femur and left calcaneus in a "break dancer".
Periosteal reaction is generally present in the long bones but absent from the short bones.
Plain radiographs and photomicrographs had showed that there was no host rejection or periosteal reaction and at 9 weeks post-operative, a complete union of defect was noticed.
Typically, there are sclerotic changes of the adjacent bone and cortical thickening, sometimes associated with a benign appearing periosteal reaction.
Radiographs revealed severe boney lysis with proliferative periosteal reaction.
Another feature to observe is the periosteal reaction around the lesion.
1) On imaging, IF may be surrounded by edema, periosteal reaction, cortical bone reaction, or remodeling and pathologic fractures.