periodontal therapy

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per·i·o·don·tal ther·a·py

(perē-ō-dontăl thāră-pē)
Care intended to preserve natural dentition, periodontium, and preimplant tissues and to maintain and improve the health of these tissues.
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Periodontal therapy could, thus, be projected to the medical community as a non-pharmacological intervention to improve the platelet activity.
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Two of the GAgP patients did not complete the periodontal therapy and were excluded from the study.
Only through a starting periodontal therapy to eliminate etiological factors and regular follow-up to maintain the stability of periodontally conditions, the implant therapy could be considered predictable in periodontal patient.
Several different types of lasers have been proposed as alternatives or adjuncts to conventional surgical periodontal therapy, Nd:YAG [7, 8], Er:YAG [9-11], Er,Cr:YSGG [12], and diode lasers [13], and have shown effective use in regeneration or at least some radiographic evidence of bone fill.
The exclusion criterions included systemic diseases, smoking, periodontal therapy within the previous year, antibiotics intake within the previous 3 months, and pregnancy.
*As previously described, the NHI policy tends to result in more periodontal-compromised molars receiving advanced periodontal therapy in a hospital, rather than in a private practice.