supportive periodontal treatment

(redirected from periodontal maintenance)

sup·por·tive per·i·o·don·tal treat·ment

(sŭ-pōrtiv perē-ŏ-dontăl trētmĕnt)
Extension of periodontal therapy that includes procedures performed at selected time intervals to review patients' general health history, reassess status of periodontal health, and provide preventive oral hygiene care.
Synonym(s): periodontal maintenance, preventive maintenance.
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Few studies have evaluated SRP + MM protocols during periodontal maintenance. Meinberg et al.
The limitations of the current study include potential recall bias by the subjects, regarding the history of various habits and the exact reason for their past visits to the dentist and may have reported them even if not for the routine check-up or periodontal maintenance reasons.
For patients with tooth stains, gingival inflammation or periodontal pockets, it is important to recommend powered toothbrushes, effective interdental cleaning aids selected collaboratively by the patient and the hygienist, and frequent professional prophylaxis or periodontal maintenance visits to reduce supra- and subgingival biofilm and potential for stains on the teeth.
Currently, there is not enough focus on the prevention of periimplant diseases, as compared to periodontal maintenance [7,13].
Taking into account that in the HIV-infected study participants no tooth loss occurred during long-term periodontal maintenance, the results appear clinically satisfying to us.
The laser protocol allows clinicians to treat smokers using a definitive modality, without relegating the patient to a nonsurgical program or "compromise periodontal maintenance." (34) Army clinicians can use the laser for smokers with limited risk to the patient, and the treatment itself is minimally invasive compared with conventional surgical techniques.
Efficacy of interdental plaque control aids in periodontal maintenance patients: A comparative study.
Tan, "Periodontal maintenance," Australian Dental Journal, vol.
Material is organized in eight abundantly illustrated chapters on diagnosis and treatment plan; nonsurgical periodontal therapy; gingival surgery, mucogingival therapy, and periodontal plastic surgery; resective bone surgery; regenerative periodontal therapy; orthodontics and periodontal therapy; endodontic-periodontal relationships; and periodontal maintenance. Distribution in North America is by Quintessence Publishing.
Visits for periodontal maintenance care include supra and subgingival debridement of areas of deposits or signs of gingival inflammation.
Association of gingival crevicular fluid biomarkers during periodontal maintenance with subsequent progressive periodontitis.
The screenings, which will be performed during periodontal maintenance examinations, help detect tissue abnormalities in the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat.
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