periodontal dressing

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[O.Fr. dresser, to prepare]
A covering, protective or supportive, for diseased or injured parts.

Patient care

The procedure and expected sensations are explained to the patient. His or her privacy is ensured, and necessary supplies are assembled. Strict aseptic technique is followed during dressing changes, and dressings are properly disposed of in biohazard containers. Personnel must wash their hands before and after the procedure. The wound or incision and dressing are assessed for the presence and character of any drainage. The mnemonic COCA (color, odor, consistency, amount) is useful in assessing and documenting drainage. The condition of the wound or suture line is also checked, and the presence of erythema or edema is noted. Instruction in wound assessment and dressing change techniques is provided to the patient and his or her family members. See: wound care

absorbent dressing

A dressing of cotton gauze or other absorbent material.

antiseptic dressing

A dressing consisting of gauze permeated with an antiseptic solution.

clear transparent covering dressing

Transparent synthetic dressing.

dry dressing

A dressing consisting of dry gauze, absorbent cotton, or other dry material.
See: Dressings: Dry

film dressing

A transparent wound covering, made of polyurethane, that enables health care providers to visually inspect an injured part as it heals. The dressing allows water vapor to escape from the wound but does not permit liquids or bacteria to enter.

foam dressing

An opaque polyurethane dressing that is permeable to vapors but partially occlusive to liquids. It is typically used to cover wounds over bony ridges or near inflamed skin.

hydrocolloid dressing

A flexible dressing made of an adhesive, gumlike (hydrocolloid) material such as karaya or pectin covered with a water-resistant film. The dressing keeps the wound surface moist, but, because it excludes air, it may promote anaerobic bacterial growth. It should not be used on wounds that are, or are suspected to be, infected. The directions that come with the dressing should be followed.
See: Dressings: Hydrocolloid

nonadherent dressing

A dressing that has little or no tendency to stick to dried secretions from the wound.

occlusive dressing

A dressing that seals a wound completely to prevent infection from outside and to prevent inner moisture from escaping through the dressing.

periodontal dressing

Periodontal pack.

pressure dressing

A dressing used to apply pressure to the wound. It may be used for arterial and venous punctures and wounds, venous insufficiency, venous ulcers, and following skin grafting.

protective dressing

A dressing applied for the purpose of preventing injury or infection to the treated part.

self-adhering roller dressing

A rolled gauze strip made of a material that adheres to one side of the gauze. It comes in various widths.

transparent synthetic dressing

A dressing usually made of a plastic material with the skin-contact side coated with a hypoallergenic adhesive. Synonym: clear transparent covering dressing

universal dressing

A large flat bandage that may be folded several times to make a relatively large dressing or folded several more times to make a smaller and thicker dressing. This process can be continued until the unit is suitable for use as a cervical collar. The bandage is easily made and stored.

warm moist dressing

A dressing that most commonly uses a heated normal saline solution. The sterile towel is unfolded, and the gauze dressing is dropped into it. Then the center of the towel is immersed in solution and wrung out by turning the dry ends in opposite directions. The dressing is applied with sterile forceps directly to the wound. Sometimes a dry sterile towel is used over it to keep the dressing in place. Heat is best maintained by infrared lamp.


Care must be taken not to burn the patient.

water dressing

A dressing consisting of gauze, cotton, or similar material that is kept wet by the application of sterilized water.

wet-to-dry dressing

A dressing consisting of gauze moistened with prescribed solution (e.g., sterile saline) applied directly and conforming to the wound and covered with dry gauze pads and a bandage. Gentle removal of the dressing after it has dried provides some degree of débridement of the wound; the process is then repeated at intervals.

per·i·o·don·tal dres·sing

(perē-ō-dontăl dresing)
Hard or soft dressing applied over a periodontal surgical site to promote regeneration of tissue and to enhance healing; provides patient comfort and mechanical protection, maintains the initial clot and prevents postoperative bleeding, supports mobile teeth, and helps in molding newly formed tissue.
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