periodontal debridement

per·i·o·don·tal dé·bride·ment

(per'ē-ō-don'tăl dā-brēd-mon[h]')
Dental procedure that includes therapeutic interventions such as scaling to remove calculus and all soft deposits, root planing to eliminate subgingival calculus and smooth the tooth surface, and root débridement to eliminate subgingival biofilm and lightly mineralized deposits.
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The past 50 years saw a change in the methods, rationale and theory for periodontal debridement.
A 2014 review in the Journal of Evidenced-Based Dental Practice by Drisko noted that periodontal debridement or SRP is still the gold standard for the treatment of periodontal disease.
He or she will then remove the plaque and tartar on the teeth above and below the gum, by a procedure called scaling and root planning, or another called periodontal debridement.
Mechanical therapy, including periodontal debridement or scaling and root planing, has been shown to effectively reduce periodontal pathogens, inflammation, bleeding and probing depths, and to increase clinical attachment levels.
As an independent hygienist, Doherty's scope of practice includes all aspects of preventive care: taking medical and dental histories, blood pressure screening, periodontal screening, home care instruction, prophylaxis, fluoride treatments, oral inspections, sealants, and periodontal debridement and periodontal maintenance.
Focused Question: What is the adjunctive effect of a diode laser (DL) following non-surgical periodontal debridement (SRP) during the initial phase of periodontal therapy on the clinical parameters of periodontal inflammation?
I have read Connie's extensive reviews of the periodontal debridement literature for most of my career and I always knew I could count on her papers to be thorough and evidence based.
Thus, the dental hygiene students were responsible for the following procedures: probing, exploring, performing periodontal debridement, root planing if necessary, polishing if indicated, educating the patient on oral health and demonstrating proper toothbrushing and flossing techniques on a typodont and in the patient's mouth.
Enhanced periodontal debridement with the use of micro ultrasonic, periodontal endoscopy.
In fact, one study showed that women who receive periodontal debridement therapy may reduce the risk of PLBW infants by 85 percent.
Clinical comparison of the effectiveness of novel sonic instruments and curettes for periodontal debridement after 2 months.
Periodontal debridement with povidone-iodine in periodontal treatment: short-term clinical and biochemical observations.