periodontal assessment

per·i·o·don·tal as·sess·ment

(per'ē-ō-don'tăl ă-ses'mĕnt)
Fact-gathering process designed to provide a complete picture of a patient's periodontal health.
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Dental exams should include a periodontal assessment and oral cancer screening, prophylaxis, polishing, flossing, and oral hygiene instructions The contracted dentist will use their own facility and technology to assist in the evaluation of dental health.
Periodontal assessment revealed gingival recession and probing depths ranging from 4 to 5 mm.
Gum (periodontal) disease was common and diagnosed in close to 300 workers who needed periodontal assessment and therapy.
The calibration of examiners is important to standardize the periodontal assessment and to obtain reliable results.
Periodontal assessment data included: probing depths (PD), gingival recession, bleeding on probing (BOP), plaque index (6 sites per tooth), tooth mobility, furcation involvement and any other existing muco-gingival problems or conditions.
Periodontal assessment included probing depth (PD) and CAL, measured to the nearest millimeter with a periodontal probe (UNC-15, Hu-Friedy, Chicago, USA), the presence or absence of BOP, supragingival biofilm (VP), gingival marginal bleeding (GB), and suppuration (SUP).
The 109 skill standards are categorized into these 17 areas: infection control (12 standards); patient/client preparation (8); oral cancer screening (2); impression procedures (2); periodontal assessment and examination (11); observation of teeth (5); indices and scoring methods (18); communication (5); application of caries preventive agents (5); instrument maintenance (8); instrumentation and dental and dental hygiene treatment (8); pain control (4); intrinsic and extrinsic stain removal (5); amalgam restoration finishing and polishing (2); intraoral appliance/restoration procedures (4); dental imaging (8); and dental hygiene process and professional standards (2).
medical history, risk assessments, family history, extra-/intraoral examination, hard tissue examination, periodontal assessment, health behaviors).
16) Four cross-sectional studies had the periodontal assessment of CAL in common.
11) Dogs typically receive periodontal assessment and treatment services at the same appointment while the dog is sedated or anesthetized.
In the combined 1999 to 2004 NHANES data, 9,932 adults aged 20 years or older received a periodontal assessment.
With nearly 7 million individuals with undiagnosed diabetes, oral health care providers have a great opportunity for early identification of individuals with pre-diabetes or diabetes by performing a simple finger-stick test or utilizing a risk factors assessment combined with a periodontal assessment.