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Sequenced strength-training program that varies training volume and intensity to optimize physiologic functional capacity and exercise performance by structuring training into time blocks of different duration (macrocycles, mesocycles, microcycles). The goal is to prevent staleness while peaking physiologically for competition.
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Even so, the need to periodize and name the movement continues, or for our purposes here there continues to be a need to map the terrain and provide a literary cartography for the New Negro era.
This paper represents a preliminary attempt to periodize the history of U.
Part of the response might lie in reflecting on how some of the finest recent scholarship has chosen to periodize a writer who came to greater prominence than ever before in the months leading up to Victoria's accession to the throne and who died some fourteen years before Stedman published Victorian Poets.
No specific date is given to help periodize this behavior.
With these preliminaries out of the way, I can periodize the response of Alabama's white Baptists to international affairs between 1920 and 1950.
Fischer tried to periodize this development according to the main influences Kant was exposed to.
As part of the agreement, Diamyd received an upfront payment of USD 45 million during the summer, which we periodize until the 15-month-long study period in the European trial is finished.
Readers who come to the book with an awareness of recent scholarly discussions on French citizenship and the limits of French universalism and a firm command of French Republican history will be most rewarded, but it is not clear whether these specialists will be convinced by Camiscioli's implicit challenge to rethink the way that they periodize the years 1900-1939.
Thus, rather than putting forth questions concerning the criteria employed by NitroMed for inclusion in their constructed category of "African-Americanness" (recognizing the absurdity of any mode of thinking that puts forth a conception of racial purity), I periodize the emergence of race-specific medicine and draw attention to the particular discursive constructions through which this practice produces meaning.
Another aim of Lampert's book is to challenge tendencies to periodize and dichotomize medieval and early modern culture.
Central to Wang's study, however, is the relationship between commoners and local elites, something he does periodize.
Although it may be senseless to try to periodize our own time historically for the purposes of criticism, simply abandoning the job of responding to recent literature, art, or culture is not an option either.