periodic table

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per·i·od·ic ta·ble

(pēr'ē-od'ik tā'bĕl)
A graphic arrangement of chemical elements by atomic number and chemical properties.
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periodic table

A chart with the chemical elements arranged by their atomic numbers.
See: periodic law
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'We are delighted that we now know when the oldest known periodic table chart came to St.
Its founder Bob Ainuu Afamasaga was given the gift of the "Master Blueprint HWHY [5']-YHWH [3']: YHWH [3']-HWHY [5']" which is the foundation of all their discoveries such as Physics Super Standard Model of 40 Elementary Particles, Physics Particles Periodic Table, 2 Chemistry Periodic Tables, 2 Cosmology Periodic Tables, Biology-Genetic Periodic Table or DNA Alphabet and many more discoveries.
The periodic table of proteins shows there is a very close relationship between the possible structures of heteromers and homomers.
But, if you look a bit closer at the Periodic Table, it's already full of fascinating secrets...
Professor Ken Durose - backing periodic table petition as a tribute to Lemmy
In perhaps the ultimate tribute, fans have signed a petition calling for one of four newly discovered super-heavy elements, chemical number 118 in the periodic table, to be named "Lemmium".
The periodic table: A visual guide to the elements is a paperback book of 240 pages.
Wonderful Life with the Elements: The Periodic Table Personified
A well-known dependence exist in the Periodic Table of Elements.
Which element on the periodic table gives snacks a flavor boost, helps athletes recover from a tough workout, and fights fires?
The book's organization is based on the core groups found in the periodic table. The contents include sections on each of the elemental groups, including the main groups (or families), alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, halogens, and noble gases.

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