periodic system

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per·i·od·ic sys·tem

the arrangement of the chemical elements in a definite order as indicated by their respective atomic numbers in such a way that groups of elements with similar chemical properties (similar valence shell electron number) are grouped together. See: Mendeléeff law.
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The Periodic System of Elements is presented with the Periodic Table (see Table 1), wherein the horizontal rows are known as Periods.
Scerri's book turns to the discoveries in modern physics that were to have a big impact on the periodic system, while still leaving the system essentially intact.
Hirai and Meada (1972) gave a general form of Lyapunov functions for periodic systems.
Overall, although the perpetual system does a better job of keeping the books updated to the minute, it's just as flawed as the periodic system when it comes to assigning appropriate costs to specific items.
It should be clear that the number of such questions is very large and can vary from the very simple to the very complex, once again emphasizing the inexhaustibility of understanding that lies in the periodic system and that is built into FLiPS.
The taxpayers elected in 1987 to adopt the nonaccrual experience method, using the periodic system, to estimate the portion of each hospital's income that would not be collected.
Scerri considers the reduction of chemistry to quantum mechanics, explanation of the periodic system through electronic configurations of atoms, the periodic system as a typical scientific model, and constructivism and relativism in chemistry, for instance.
In Chapter 7, "Classification of the Elements," Habashi details the evolution of the periodic system from its precursors, through Mendeleev's periodic law and later modifications, to discoveries of elements through element 106.
People in different discipline will want different things out of the periodic table," says Scerri, who specializes in the historical and philosophical aspects of the periodic system of elements.
Periodic system backups to ensure system integrity in the event of a catastrophic event,
As an alternative to the separate receivable system, taxpayers may use a periodic system (as described in Notice 88-51).
Registration may reduce the number of periodic system surveys, but Ford customer contacts, such as Quality Operating System (QOS) assessments, advanced quality planning and concern resolution, will not be affected.

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