periodic system

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per·i·od·ic sys·tem

the arrangement of the chemical elements in a definite order as indicated by their respective atomic numbers in such a way that groups of elements with similar chemical properties (similar valence shell electron number) are grouped together. See: Mendeléeff law.
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King, "Nonlinear wave transmission in a monocoupled elastic periodic system," Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, vol.
We have shown that the transmission of electromagnetic waves, through fiber Bragg gratings, can be faithfully studied using the theory of finite periodic system either alone or combined with the Mathieu functions.
A parametric periodic Lyapunov equation with application in semi-global stabilization of discrete-time periodic systems subject to actuator saturation.
Two entire chapters are devoted to the work of Mendeleev who Scerri describes as the champion of the periodic system in two senses.
(2006), where the main focus was the construction of a time invariant periodic system. The present work extends these constructions for the case of optimal periodic control.
* Periodic System Testing: Test the system with periodic broadcast messages on a quarterly or annual basis.
Dimitri Mendeleyev introduced his periodic system of elements in 1869.
The design of the keyboard reflects the periodic system of elements.
The recommendations apply to hardware and software and to instructions on use, security, and tracking of digital records, and on periodic system audits.

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