periodic neutropenia

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diminished numbers of neutrophils in the blood.
congenital neutropenia infantile genetic agranulocytosis.
cyclic neutropenia a chronic form marked by regular, periodic episodic recurrences, associated with malaise, fever, stomatitis, and various infections. Called also periodic neutropenia.
drug-induced neutropenia that caused by medications; the most common mechanisms are immunological (formation of antibodies destructive to neutrophils or of immune complexes that bind to neutrophils), followed by inhibition of granulopoiesis and direct damage to bone marrow or precursor cells of the granulocytic series.
idiopathic neutropenia agranulocytosis.
Kostmann's neutropenia infantile genetic agranulocytosis.
malignant neutropenia agranulocytosis.
neonatal neutropenia, alloimmune neutropenia in the newborn due to in utero incompatibility between its immunoglobulin G antigens and those of the mother's blood; the mother's blood produces antibodies that cross the placenta and sensitize fetal neutrophils. Affected infants may have fever, pneumonia, septicemia, and other infections that can be fatal. The condition eventually resolves as the infant's immunoglobulin replaces that from the mother.
periodic neutropenia cyclic neutropenia.

per·i·od·ic neu·tro·pe·ni·a

neutropenia recurring at regular intervals (14-45 days), in association with various types of infectious diseases, for example, stomatitis, cutaneous ulcers, furuncles, arthritis, and others.
Synonym(s): cyclic neutropenia

per·i·od·ic neu·tro·pe·ni·a

(pēr'ē-od'ik nū'trō-pē'nē-ă)
Neutropenia that recurs at regular intervals, in association with various types of infectious diseases.

per·i·od·ic neu·tro·pe·ni·a

(pēr'ē-od'ik nū'trō-pē'nē-ă)
Neutropenia recurring at regular intervals (14-45 days), in association with various infectious diseases (e.g., stomatitis).
Synonym(s): cyclic neutropenia.
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