periodic abstinence

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a refraining from the use of or indulgence in food, stimulants, or coitus.
periodic abstinence natural family planning; see contraception.
abstinence syndrome withdrawal (def. 2).

periodic abstinence

A method of birth control in which a couple tries to avoid pregnancy by refraining from sexual intercourse during certain times within the menstrual cycle.
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After each of them had tested separately for HIV, they stopped using condoms and relied on periodic abstinence.
Young, unmarried women in Addis Ababa and other sub-Saharan African settings therefore often choose to rely on less effective methods such as periodic abstinence, (35,36) and ECs were used as a back-up.
Considering difficult circumstances, the state of fallen human nature and the loss of original justice (such that the appetites are not integrated under the dominion of reason and will), the regulation of fertility through periodic abstinence is often difficult, even to the point of requiring heroic virtue.
On the other hand, when one practices periodic abstinence, sexual and bodily behavior is still informed by the procreative task and by the (chaste) exercise of parental responsibility, which requires the couple to avoid procreation (and thus, intercourse) when reason so demands.
dagger]) All forms of periodic abstinence (calendar, Billings, mucus, basal body temperature, symptothermal and lactational amenorrhea), withdrawal, breastfeeding and other, local methods.
Periodic abstinence, spermicides, diaphragm, condom and pill: Jones EF and Forrest JD, Contraceptive failure rates based on the 1988 NSFG, Family Planning Perspectives, 1992, 24(1):12-19, Table 2, p.
Table 2d Some contraceptive methods are more difficult to use successfully than others Users who become pregnant: Method Low % High % WITHDRAWAL 15 28 PERIODIC ABSTINENCE 14 57 SPERMICIDES 13 55 DIAPHRAGM 9 42 CONDOM 6 51 PILL 3 27 IUD 3 5 FEMALE STERILIZATION 0.
Would periodic abstinence place impossible strains on my marriage?
While acknowledging that the so-called rhythm method "involves sacrifices and periodic abstinence from intercourse," Chaput wrote that "when lived prayerfully and unselfishly, natural family planning deepens and enriches marriage and results in greater intimacy -- and greater joy.

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