perinuclear space

cis·ter·na car·y·o·the·'cae

the space between the internal and external membranes of the nuclear envelope; may be continuous in places with cisterns of the endoplasmic reticulum.
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In the condition, abundant fluorescent labeling ofWnt5a (red) was observed in the perinuclear space of BMMSCs (Figure 4(d)).
The nuclei had irregular outlines, shrunken with widened perinuclear space of the nuclear envelope (Figure 8).
Some cells showed lipid droplets of indistinct boundaries; widened perinuclear space and large vacuoles were also observed (Figure 9).
Other cells had irregular nuclei with dilated perinuclear space and numerous dilated profiles of smooth endoplasmic reticulum (Figure 12).
Expansion of mitochondria from the perinuclear space to a dispersed distribution occurs within 3-7 days of the initiation of ESC differentiation [143, 145, 148].
Consequently, the essential parameters allowing evaluating the red cell capability under the adaptation conditions are the perinuclear space characteristics, primarily, the width and depth.
Thus, the research results show that within the adaptive processes taking place in the hens' nuclear red cells a particular role is assigned to the capacity of the perinuclear space which decreased significantly, apparently, such reduction is aimed at increase of the cell effective volume.
In the course of the hens' adaptation to photodesynchronosis the capacity of the perinuclear space of the blood red cells, mainly through its width, is reduced.
At 48 hours after heat treatment the tumor cells displayed small shrunken degenerating nuclei with dark markedly condensed chromatin and a wide clear perinuclear space occasionally containing altered virus particles were found in the tumor cells.
IP3 and cyclic ADP-ribose are the major factors responsible for [Ca.sup.2+] release into the nucleus from the perinuclear space. [[[Ca.sup.2+]].sub.n] is involved in the regulation of many events in the nucleus, such as gene expression, DNA replication, DNA repair, chromatin fragmentation in apoptosis, and modulation of an intranuclear contractile system.
The nucleus having nuclear membrane is encircled by a double layered membrane; named as nuclear envelope having nuclear pores on it that allow protein to pass and the space between the membranes is known as perinuclear space.
The geometry of this model is composed of sub domains; extracellular medium cellular membrane cytoplasm nuclear envelope perinuclear space nuclear membrane and nucleus.