perineural infiltration

per·i·neu·ral in·fil·tra·tion

infiltration adjacent to or along a nerve.
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In malignant diseases, the paralysis of the facial nerve may be due to the perineural infiltration of the temporal bone or facial nerve, central nervous system lymphoma or invasion to the meninx, infection and hemorrhage around the facial nerve, chemotherapy associated toxicity to the nerve and reactivation of the latent viral infection.
Perineural infiltration by lymphocytes was seen in 1 (33.
Nerve twigs within the biopsy specimen (figure 2, B) indicated perineural infiltration by the tumor.
4,10,23] Previous studies have shown an increase in the number and diameter of the pancreatic nerve fibers in CP,[2] as well as perineural infiltration by T lymphocytes, suggesting a cell-mediated cytotoxic mechanism for the neural alteration.