perineal hypospadias

per·i·ne·al hy·po·spa·di·as

hypospadias in which the urethral meatus opens in the perineum near the anus; the scrotum is usually cleft.
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Clinical Assessment: In isolated cryptorchidism, a chromosomal anomaly may be present in approximately 3% cases, in hypospadias 7% and in a combination of cryptorchidism and hypospadias, in 13% cases.13 In infants with proximal hypospadias (penoscrotal, scrotal, perineal), detailed studies performed revealed a likely cause in 31% of cases.14 Infants with suspected DSD who require further clinical evaluation should include those with isolated perineal hypospadias, isolated micropenis, isolated clitoromegaly, any form of familial hypospadias and those who have a combination of genital anomalies with an external masculinisation score (EMS) of<11.15
All distal penile and perineal hypospadias and children with associated disorder of sexual differentiation were excluded from this study.
Depending on the level of enzyme deficiency caused by the changes in this gene, patients may develop various phenotypic characteristics, including perineal hypospadias, bifid scrotum, micropenis, and complete female phenotype (2).
(1) The incidence of prostatic utricle cyst is 11% to 14% in association with hypospadias or intersex anomalies and up to 50% in the presence of perineal hypospadias. (2) Prostatic utricle cyst is usually seen during the first to second decades of life, with a mean age range of 26 years.
Osori, "Perineal hypospadias in two related bull calves, a case report," Theriogenology, vol.
The incidence of prostatic utricle cysts is about 11% to 14% in patients with hypospadias or sexual deformity, while 50% of perineal hypospadias comes with prostatic utricle cysts.
The chordee was present in 100% cases of penoscrotal and perineal hypospadias and the least common for glanular hypospadias accounting for 54.8% cases (Figure 2).
There was perineal hypospadias and no evidence of presence of vagina.