An infant in the perinatal period.
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As part of the contract, Texas Children's Health Plan will also provide CHIP perinate benefits, which include prenatal care for the unborn children of low-income women who do not qualify for Medicaid.
We will continue our commitment to building a community of healthy families, and we look forward to providing access to health care for pregnant women through CHIP perinate.
Subsequent to the third stripping or "sweeping," the mother and perinate suffered GBS sepsis.
f) presence of undifferentiated stem cells, g) development of differentiated characteristics, including ability to carry out metabolic activation, h) metabolic detoxification by placenta and/or maternal tissues, and i) metabolic detoxification by the perinate itself.
i) To save the life of the mother and every reasonable effort was made to preserve the life of both the mother and the perinate.
ii) To avert an imminent threat to the physical health of the mother, and any harm to the perinate was incidental to treating the mother and not a known or intended result of the procedure performed.
One of the other possible sets of twins (burials 51 and 52) are also small and young compared to the other perinate sample, which also supports the argument that these may be twins.
It is difficult to estimate the rate of twins per number of births, partly because it is more likely that twins will die than singletons and therefore enter the mortuary record as perinates (Martin & Park 1999; Alexander & Salihu 2005).
House Bill 4603 and Senate Bill 395 create a new act to define a perinate as a legally born person.
Only 4 perinatal bottlenose dolphin strandings were positive for HI (HI-FI=2, HI-other=2); therefore, perinates were not stratified by HI category.
The average length of the coastal bottlenose dolphins classified as perinates (n=179) was 105.
These remains belong to at least 10 individuals: two perinates, one aged 34 to 36 weeks in utero; two infants aged respectively 5 to 7 years and about 15 years; and six adults (among them at least one man).