perinatal mortality

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per·i·na·tal mor·tal·i·ty

mortality around the time of birth, conventionally limited to the period from 28 weeks' gestation to 1 week postnatal.
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per·i·na·tal mor·tal·i·ty

(peri-nātăl mōr-tali-tē)
Death around the time of birth, conventionally limited to the period from 28 weeks' gestation to 1 week postnatally.
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When the annual perinatal mortality rates in the world were examined, it was observed that 98% occurred in developing and underdeveloped countries.
Information describing socio-demographic characteristics and reproductive, medical and obstetric risk factors for perinatal mortality were obtained during interviews with family members.
However, the correlation between the reproductive tract infections during pregnancy and the perinatal mortality is rarely reported.
The distribution of perinatal mortality by type of HDP was preeclampsia 159 (49.4%), eclampsia 143 (44.4), and other types of HDP 20 (6.2%).
Qualitative data like perinatal mortality (yes or no) was presented as frequency distribution.
Perinatal mortality is considered an important indicator of mother and child health care.2 According to WHO, every year throughout the world 2.64 million are stillbirths and 3.0 million are cases of early neonatal deaths while 90% of these births take place in developing countries.3 In low income countries like Pakistan, the rates of perinatal death are often 10 fold >that of high income countries.3 According to Pakistan demographic and health survey 2012-13, the perinatal mortality rate of Pakistan was 75/1000 pregnancies where as it was 73/1000 pregnancies in 2006-7, indicating only marginal difference.4
The intervention was not associated with a significant change in perinatal mortality of infants delivered at study health care facilities.
After the term breech trial reported a significant decrease in perinatal mortality among women who had a planned C-section compared to those opting for elective vaginal delivery, C-section rates increased dramatically.
The review was prompted by a report from the Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee (PMMRC) which found that Counties Manukau DHB has had higher than average perinatal mortality rates.

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