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1. Surrounding the uterus; relating to the perimetrium. Synonym(s): periuterine
2. Relating to the circumference of any part or area.
3. Relating to perimetry.
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1. Surrounding the uterus; relating to the perimetrium.
Synonym(s): periuterine.
2. Relating to the circumference of any part or area.
3. Relating to perimetry.
[G. peri, around, + mētra, uterus]
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(per″ĭ-me′trik) [ peri- + ¹metro- + -ic]
Situated around the uterus.


(per″ĭ-me′trik) [ peri- + -metry]
Pert. to perimetry.
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They as well as many studies showed that the vertical cup disc ratio corrected for disc size had the highest diagnostic power for separating normal subjects from pre perimetric glaucoma patients.
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For instance, even the Primera SE ( one up from entry level ( has colour rear-view camera as standard as well as ABS, EBD, electronic climate control, six-inch colour centre display monitor, remote control central locking, anti-hijack and perimetric alarm and CD radio with six speakers.
The basic Solo model comes with a driver's airbag, radio cassette, anti-glare rear view mirror, perimetric alarm system, remote fuel flap and tailgate releases and tinted glass.
The MG ZR knows how to look after itself with perimetric and volumetric alarms and immobiliser, plus a security shield for the steering column as well as all door and tailgate locks.
And it's safe comes with a Thatcham category two alarm with Perimetric anti-theft, it has a mid engine with reinforced body structure for increased body control, and it's equipped with independent suspension and driver's airbag as standard.
There's also passenger airbag, remote central locking with anti-hijack feature, ultrasonic and perimetric alarm,air-con,leather steering wheel, lumbar/height adjustable driver's seat and in dash CD/radio with two extra speakers.
The proposal by TEN Arquitectos for the exhibition and convention centre is an oval, 240m long, all of whose parts are connected by the fluid interplay of elliptical perimetric ramps that enclose the central part of the exhibition hall and the ring of lobbies and services.
And the Sunderland-built Primera will come packed with fitted-as-standard goodies including electronic climate control, height and reach adjustable steering column, front electric windows, a trip computer with a six inch black and white centre display monitor, hands free phone capability, lumbar adjustment on driver and front passenger seats, ABS braking with brake assist and electronic brake-force distribution, driver, front seat passenger, side and curtain airbags, remote control central locking, anti-hijack and perimetric alarm, CD radio with six speakers and electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors.
Extensive anti-theft measures include super locks which are fully shielded, rolling code engine immobiliser and perimetric alarm.
As well as a perimetric and volumetric alarm system with separate battery back-up, the IS200 packs a secure double door-locking mechanism which prevents the doors being opened if a window is smashed.