Inflammation of tissue around a dental implant.
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The oral and dental infection cause by population of Microbial like periodontal diseases, pericoronitis, gingivitis, endodontitis, periimplantitis, and post extraction infections each of these have distinct clinical and microbial features, The r microbial flora in the oral cavity contains about 1010 of bacterial species, more than 500 species yet to now recognized as normal inhabitants in oral cavity, However, only 150 microbial species have been isolated and cultured from root canals (Marina and Romana, 2007)
We hypothesize that Ti[O.sub.2] particles combined with [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] under light irradiation can be effective in debriding periimplantitis infected implants.
Periimplantitis, one of the main factors of implant failure, is an inflammatory condition involving the soft and hard tissue surrounding the implant.
This pilot case-control periimplantitis study shows both 100% sensitivity and specificity for ImplantSafe test.
Bach, "Diodenlaser- Oberflachen- Dekontamination in der Periimplantitis therapie," Eine DreiJahres-Studie ZWR, vol.
All clinical parameters were statistically higher in the periimplantitis group, except for the percentage of sites with plaque (p > 0.05).
The technical problems of implant-based restoration components including abutment screw fracture and periimplantitis are deeply related to dental implant system failure, and an increase in related complications are also being reported [3-5].
A recent review pointed out that surgical treatment of periimplantitis should be considered in cases of evident bone loss and pocket formation of larger than 5 mm [10].
The periimplantitis is usually treated using conservative mechanical debridement, air abrasives, antiseptic treatment, laser, and so on.
The long and ergonomic form of the tipholder ICS/ICP facilitates access even in the posterior region and simplifies user handling during the maintenance treatment of implants in order to prevent periimplantitis.