The act of perifusing.
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Microfluidic biochip for the perifusion of precision-cut rat liver slices for metabolism and toxicology studies.
For most assessments, n = 5-6 litters per group were used other than for extensive cytokine assays, RNA seq, islet perifusion ramps, and islet cytosolic calcium determination where mice from n = 3-4 litters per group were used.
Isolation of pancreatic islets, perifusion, and insulin assays were performed as previously described (Li et al.
Burcak Yesildag will present a poster in collaboration with ETH Zurich on June 11 & 12: Using Uniform Reaggregated Pancreatic Islets in a Microfluid Perifusion System Enables Studying Insulin Release Dynamics at Single-Islet Level.
It has been reported that silibin as the most active compound of SMN lowered the glycolysis from carbohydrates in a cell perifusion system via the inhibition of pyruvate kinase activity (Detaille et al.
Perifusion culture system for bovine embryos: improvement of embryo development by use of bovine oviduct epithelial cells, an antioxidant and polyvinyl alcohol.
A possible explanation may be loss of pituitary negative feedback inhibition after chronic inhibin stimulation, for prolonged exposure to inhibin of pituitary cells which are maintained in an in vitro perifusion system induced resistance to the inhibitory effect on FSH release [26].
Cell perifusion system: Eight to ten rat pituitaries were cut into 8-10 pieces each with a razor blade and placed together in a Petri dish where they were washed twice with Earle's balanced salt solution containing 1 g/l NaC|O.
The syringe was kept with the nozzle upwards and the perifusion medium was pumped through the column by means of a peristaltic pump which kept a constant perifusion flux of 0.