(per'ē-ē-sō-faj'ē-ăl), Avoid the mispronunciation periesophage'al.
Surrounding the esophagus.
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The bird's previous history included a periesophageal granuloma secondary to an esophageal puncture that had been surgically corrected 3 months before the current presentation.
In these cases, histologic assessment of the majority of the periesophageal soft tissue is helpful to retrieve grossly impalpable lymph nodes.
Steroid treatment concerns include the possibility of periesophageal abscess after steroid treatment and the increased risk of delayed perforation in the extra EBD procedures [22, 23].
Caption: FIGURE 1: A large volume of emphysema in subcutaneous tissue, the neck planes, peritracheal, and periesophageal spaces.
Thereafter, the infant was maintained on intravenous fluids, with corticosteroids, to decrease the periesophageal inflammation and was discharged at 24 hours.
The brisket region with periesophageal cellulitis and localized infection was lanced, flushed with antiseptic solutions and then treated as open wound (Fig.
First, previous studies have suggested that the main pathway for portosystemic shunt is not the EVs, but deeper level varices such as the paraesophageal or periesophageal varices [21], and that the size of these varices, as evaluated using endoscopic ultrasound, is significantly associated with EVs recurrence after EIS or EBL [23, 24].
This case may raise the readers' alertness about the importance of periesophageal disorders that appear in patients who have history of surgical interventions.
Moreover, the longitudinal layer is absent from much of the anterior and posterior stomach surfaces, and the circular layer is poorly developed in the periesophageal region.
CT scan may show esophageal wall edema and thickening, extra esophageal air, periesophageal fluid with or without gas bubbles, mediastinal widening, and air and fluid in the pleural spaces, retroperitoneum or lesser sac.
In the index case, surgical management was preferred as it was difficult to remove the needle by endovascular methods and because examination of perivascular and periesophageal soft tissue was deemed necessary.
We did not observe any high-attenuation lymph nodes in ipsilateralhilar or periesophageal regions, which comprise the lymphatic pathway for visceral pleural drainage.