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In fungi, the hyphal structure that surrounds the asci.
[G. pēridion, dim. of pēra, leather pouch]


n. pl. perid·ia (-ē-ə)
The covering of the spore-bearing organ in many fungi.

pe·rid′i·al (-ē-əl) adj.
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DNA extraction, PCR and sequencing: Ascomata, previously brushed under tap water to detach soil debris, were superficially sterilized with alcohol (90 %), deprived of peridium, cut in thin slices and frozen at - 20 oC until molecular analyses were performed.
Transversal striae of peridium pyramidal wart faces were very evident, less clear and almost absent in T.
Telia amphigenous, mainly hypophyllous, subepidermalbecoming erumpent, arranged in circles and associated with leaf spots up to 8 mm diameter, 150-300 pm diameter, cupulate, peridium 75-150 pm above leaf surface.
The new Peridium line brings the quality and durability that industrial customers have found synonymous with the Vogel name, with the added benefit of Agion antimicrobial product protection.
Agion technology inhibits the growth and propagation of bacteria on the surface of a product, adding an important layer of product protection to equipment and furnishings coated with the new Peridium powder coating line.
The new Peridium Powder Coatings--including hybrid, polyester and epoxy technologies--with Agion technology is a powder coating made without water or petroleum-based solvents, and is applied electrostatically and cured through a baking process.
1); globose to cylindrical: 3-5 mm long; a single sorus with one central columella of host tissue and a longitudinally rupturing peridium (Fig.
Sori in some to numerous flowers of an inflorescence; a single sorus with one central columella and a peridium, both made of fungal cells; columellae ca 4-7 mm long; peridia dirty white to brownish, rupturing with 3-4 lobes.