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In fungi, the hyphal structure that surrounds the asci.
[G. pēridion, dim. of pēra, leather pouch]
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n. pl. perid·ia (-ē-ə)
The covering of the spore-bearing organ in many fungi.

pe·rid′i·al (-ē-əl) adj.
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Sori around all the peduncles of a rudimentary inflorescence; cylindrical, often curved; when young, covered by thick, shining white, relatively late rupturing peridia. Spore mass agglutinated; dark.
Sori in the ovaries; hidden by enveloping glumes; about 3 mm long; with peridia, which rupture disclosing the spore mass and a slender-pointed columella.
Sori in some spikelets of an infected inflorescence; globose to egg-shaped; 2-2.5 x 3-5 mm; with greyish white, persistent peridia which rupture with several lobes and form sacs.
Sori in some to numerous flowers of an inflorescence; a single sorus with one central columella and a peridium, both made of fungal cells; columellae ca 4-7 mm long; peridia dirty white to brownish, rupturing with 3-4 lobes.
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