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, perichondrial (per'i-kon'drăl, -kon'drē-ăl),
Relating to the perichondrium.


, perichondrial (per'i-kon'drăl, -drē-ăl)
Relating to the perichondrium.


, perichondrial (per-ĭ-kon′drăl) (per-ĭ-kon′drē-ăl) [″ + chondros, cartilage]
Pert. to the membrane that covers cartilage.
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Tragal perichondrial graft is an effective grafting material used for tympanoplasty due to its possessing qualities.
Perichondrial tissue was not evident in fully evolved HSs, but it was clearly observed in ambiguous scars and metaplastic tissues.
The external thyroid perichondrial flap is repositioned, and the strap muscles are refixed in their original position.
(5.) Coutts RD, Woo SL, Amiel D, von Schroeder HP, Kwan MK: Rib perichondrial autografts in full-thickness articular cartilage defects in rabbits.
The swelling did not involve the perichondrial layer of the thyroid cartilage.
After flap elevation, the anterior and posterior edges of the helical rim, which were pedicled on the medial perichondrial flap, were advanced and reapproximated; redundant soft tissue on the medial side of the auricle was excised and closed.
At this juncture, dissection is made below the perichondrial layer.
By using a cartilage plate with a strip of perichondrium still attached, the perichondrial part of the graft was pulled through this tunnel by using a small hook.
New posterior auricular perichondrial cutaneous graft for stable reconstruction of nasal defects.
(3) Stucker and Sanders later reported their experience in using this flap to close auricular bowl defects after the harvesting of perichondrial cutaneous grafts.
* Primary chondrosarcomas arise from undifferentiated perichondrial cells.