pericallosal artery

per·i·cal·lo·sal ar·ter·y

the continuation of the anterior cerebral artery after the anterior communicating artery; it supplies branches to the cerebral cortex as it passes along the corpus callosum.
Synonym(s): arteria pericallosa [TA]
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Near the superior frontal gyrus, these arteries anastomose with branches from the pericallosal artery of the anterior cerebral artery.
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Cerebral artery MR angiography, bilateral carotis arteries, anterior cerebral artery, pericallosal artery and mid cerebral artery, Willis Polygon arterial structures, basilar artery, and arteria cerebri posterior branches were normal; no aneurysm, malformation or displacement were detected; venous MR angiography revealed a slightly weakened right transverse sinus calibration (variation) and normal sagittal sinus, straight sinus, left transverse and sigmoid sinus alignments and calibrations.
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