perfusion cannula

per·fu·sion can·nu·la

1. a double-barreled cannula used for irrigation of a cavity, the wash fluid passing into the cavity through one tube and out through the other;
2. cannula used to perfuse an organ, that is, used to flush a donor organ in preparation for transplantation.
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by connecting the arterial cannula to a coronary perfusion line, and as soon as the aorta had filled to displace the air, it was clamped distal to the perfusion cannula so that the coronary arteries would be perfused.
Immediately upon completing the donor nephrectomy, the renal artery was intubated by the perfusion cannula and secured in place using a vicryl Endoloop device (Ethicon US, LLC).
ECMO cannulation consisted of a 24 Fr cannula placed in a femoral vein, a 19 Fr cannula placed in the contralateral femoral artery, and a 10 Fr distal perfusion cannula placed in the same femoral artery.
Tenders are invited for Perfusion Cannulas, Administration Sets and Related Items
The contract is for the supply of medical successive different including sutures, vascular patches, washes hypothermic storage of organs for transplantation and organ perfusion cannulas for Hospital Pharmacies magazine Employer hereinafter products.