perfusion cannula

per·fu·sion can·nu·la

1. a double-barreled cannula used for irrigation of a cavity, the wash fluid passing into the cavity through one tube and out through the other;
2. cannula used to perfuse an organ, that is, used to flush a donor organ in preparation for transplantation.
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Immediately upon completing the donor nephrectomy, the renal artery was intubated by the perfusion cannula and secured in place using a vicryl Endoloop device (Ethicon US, LLC).
ECMO cannulation consisted of a 24 Fr cannula placed in a femoral vein, a 19 Fr cannula placed in the contralateral femoral artery, and a 10 Fr distal perfusion cannula placed in the same femoral artery.
Argenziano said, "The ESTECH Remote Access Perfusion Cannula allowed us to support the patient during the robotic procedure through a small incision in the leg, and is critical technology for enabling closed chest and less invasive heart surgery techniques.