performic acid

per·for·mic ac·id

(per-fōr'mik as'id),
An organic peracid (HCOOOH) leaving disulfide links in peptides by oxidizing cystinyl residues to cysteic acid.
Synonym(s): peroxyformic acid
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Samples for analysis of sulfur containing AA (Met and Cys) were subjected to performic acid oxidation before acid hydrolysis.
A separate portion of the samples was oxidized with performic acid and then hydrolyzed with 6 N HCl in order to obtain reliable cysteine and methionine values [10].
The FAME was epoxidized at low temperature, with performic acid generated in situ, using benzene as a diluent for the organic phase, to minimize epoxy ring opening (31).
Activity of performic acid against spore-forming bacteria(a) Lot 1 Lot 2 Bacillus subtilis(b) 0/30 growth 0/30 growth B.
Performic acid was used in oxidizing amino acids and neutralized with sodium citrate dihydrate, and then hydrolyzed with 6 N HC1 for 24 h at 110[degrees]C to be liberated from the protein.
During this step, the hydrogen peroxide reacts with the formic acid to form performic acid.
Cysteine and methionine were analyzed after performic acid oxidation and determined as cysteic acid and methionine sulfone, respectively.
Methionine were determined as methionine sulfone acid after cold performic acid oxidation and a 24-h hydrolysis with 7.
5 g sample was weighed into a 100 ml flat bottomed flask, 1 ml of Norleucine standard solution, 5 ml of performic acid in ice bath.
As a consequence, in situ prepared performic acid could not be produced in the reaction pathway of the epoxidation.
Methionine and cysteine were determined on samples that had been oxidized in performic acid prior to acid hydrolysis according to the method of Moore (1963).
Cystine was determined as cysteic acid and methionine as methionine sulfone after preoxidation with performic acid and pre-column derivation using phenylisothiocyanate (L-8800 Hitachi Automatic Amino Acid Analyzer, Tokyo, Japan).