performic acid

per·for·mic ac·id

(per-fōr'mik as'id),
An organic peracid (HCOOOH) leaving disulfide links in peptides by oxidizing cystinyl residues to cysteic acid.
Synonym(s): peroxyformic acid
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Methionine and cystine were determined after cold performic acid oxidation overnight and hydrolyzed with 7.5 N HCl (AOAC method 994.12 [23]).
The stains corresponded to: hematoxylin and eosin, for general histology analysis; Alcian blue, Toluidine blue and Masson's trichrome, to identify ECGs cells and characterize the content of their granules, and performic acid and Schiff reagent (PAS), to detect mucopolysaccharides.
Cystine and methionine were measured as cysteic acid and methionine sulphone, respectively, by performic acid oxidation before hydrolysis with 6 N-HCl [21].
The ENR was synthesized via in situ latex epoxidation of NR by performic acid generated from the reaction between HCOOH and [H.sub.2][O.sub.2].
A separate portion of the samples was oxidized with performic acid and then hydrolyzed with 6 N HCl in order to obtain reliable cysteine and methionine values [10].
Probably, the most common derivatization involves conversion of the double bonds to epoxide groups using, for example, performic acid. (11) Epoxidized plant oils have been employed to generate thermoset coatings using the common methods of curing epoxide-functional resins, such as with amines, (12) (13) anhydrides, (14) and cationic photocure.
The FAME was epoxidized at low temperature, with performic acid generated in situ, using benzene as a diluent for the organic phase, to minimize epoxy ring opening (31).
The system is designed to provide rapid, automated, point-of-use chemical sterilization of flexible endoscopes and consists of a computer-controlled endoscope-reprocessing machine and a new, proprietary liquid sterilant that uses performic acid. The sterilant is produced, as needed by the machine, by automatic mixing of the two component solutions of hydrogen peroxide and formic acid.
To avoid the oxidation of cysteine and methionine, 20 mL of performic acid was also added to each sample as a protective agent before the acid hydrolysis.
Amino acid profiles of select samples were obtained using a hydrolysis method based on AOAC 994.12 without performic acid oxidation, which is used to determine cysteine and methionine.