performance test

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per·form·ance test

a test, such as five of eleven Wechsler adult intelligence scale subtests, requiring little or no verbal instruction from the examiner and virtually no verbal response by the examinee.
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performance test

Psychology Any non-language and nonverbal IQ test based on the manipulation of concrete objects–eg, blocks, pictures, and printed mazes, rather than on relationships rooted in linguistics and symbols. See IQ tests. Cf Psychologic test.
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An HMIWI, when combusting waste, creates bottom ash in its primary chamber.(302) In batch and intermittent HMIWIs, this bottom ash is removed periodically, and in continuous HMIWIs, it is removed continuously.(303) Ash is also captured from the exhaust gas stream by fabric filters, and this fly ash also must be removed periodically.(304) Fugitive emissions can be created when removing ash as part of the removal and disposal process.(305) After the date on which the initial performance test is completed or is required to be completed, no HMIWI is allowed to discharge from an ash conveying system visible emissions of combustion ash into the atmosphere in excess of five percent of the observation period.
But what if the evaluative criteria in a rubric are linked only to the specific elements in a particular performance test? Unfortunately, I've run into a flock of such task-specific rubrics these days, especially in the most recent crop of nationally standardized tests that call for constructed responses from students.
By comparing subjects' inputs for the different target pairs of outputs, one can determine whether their responses on the performance test followed the equations used to relate inputs and outputs.
Although significant relationships exist between performance on the Tactual Performance Test, the Trail Making Tests, and the driving evaluator's rating (pass/fail) of the subjects in the behind-the-wheel evaluation, no correlation was found to be sufficiently strong to be a precise predictor of driving performance (Brooke, Questad, Patterson, & Valois, 1992) for individuals evaluated within three to six months of injury.
The application of Performance Test Codes, therefore, has proven beneficial to power plant operators' goal of reducing airborne emissions.
For example, if lien-date or assessment-date accruals were patently inconsistent with the economic performance test, then why did it take the IRS nearly six years to advise taxpayers of the "proper" treatment of state and local property taxes?
ADTRAN, Inc., (NASDAQ:ADTN), the provider of next-generation open networking and subscriber experience solutions, has announced a comprehensive software-only Connect America Fund (CAF) performance test offering that helps service providers meet and manage FCC requirements without huge inconveniences or raising privacy concerns--all while offering enhanced data analytics to help improve customer experience, the company said.
This work presents 13 research and practical papers describing empirical and mechanistic performance test procedures for use in hot mix asphalt (HMA) mixture design, quality control, and performance evaluation.
EPA proposed amendments to allow for a delay in performance test reporting in the case of a major event that causes "unavoidable performance test delays." Examples of such events are acts of nature, acts of war or terrorism, equipment failure or safety hazards.
In addition to supplying the gas turbine-generator equipment package, GE Energy will provide technical advisory and field performance test services.
The TPC-C performance test yielded 112,286.46 transactions per minute (tpmC) at a cost of US $13.44 per tpmC.

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