performance areas

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per·for·mance ar·e·as

(pĕr-fōr'măns ār'ē-ăz)
Activities of daily living, work or other productive activity, play, and leisure that determine a person's functional abilities and define human activity.
Synonym(s): performance patterns.
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Second, it utilizes data from 2001 to 2011, encompassing the periods before, during, and after the 2007 global financial crisis, to ascertain whether performance patterns observed in earlier periods (at least in the U.
These are typically nontraditional asset classes with diversifying performance patterns plus leverage, as well as strategies designed to wring more value from returns on conventional stocks and bonds, often applying leverage as well.
The process described relies upon application of historical performance patterns to classify operating pipelines according to potential exposure to internal corrosion and to make certain mitigation and inspection decisions are appropriate.
Via Microsoft's Major Nelson, the Xbox team "was inspired by military technology and performance patterns, exploring concepts stemming from combat armor and sci-fi mechanical gear" when designing the controller.
Accordingly, a necessary base to understand the interaction of the fishing fleets and the ecosystem is the knowledge of the trawls and performance patterns used since they have a direct impact on the fishing output of the fleet, and from here, to know the productivity of the fishing effort and the state of conservation of the commonly exploited fishing resources (Salthaug & God0, 2001).
By adding more data points collected from other identical equipment, abnormal performance patterns will be highlighted more clearly and factually reducing the need for assumptions.
These investment styles are not prevalent in the individual investor marketplace; they can be hard to understand; and the performance patterns are different from traditional markets.
Because of less reliable asset performance patterns, advisors should consider smaller cyclical tilts, and continue to emphasize the importance of diversification to their clients.
For establishing the performance patterns we considered the occupants of the 1st, 6th and 12th positions in the combined events in juniors III.
This edition is built around the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, and each case has questions on the client's occupations, performance patterns, performance skills, client factors, contexts, and environments.
Based on my usual PiTiK test-with P-T-K standing for presyo (prices), trabaho (jobs) and kita (incomes)-the economy has indeed been breaking out from past performance patterns.
Analysis also includes selecting and administering assessments, as needed, to identify and measure more specifically the contexts or environments, activity demands, and client factors that influence performance skills and performance patterns.

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