performance evaluation

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performance evaluation

Any scheme designed to regularly assess performance against specific benchmarks.

In UK pathology practice, performance evaluation refers to the ongoing assessment of the accuracy of diagnostic histopathology services, and consists of 10 to 20 typical—e.g., not too easy, not too obscure—workload external quality assurance cases sent to each histopathologist in the UK, who writes down his or her preferred diagnosis. The answer sheets are then sent to a central scheme secretary who collates the results and returns them to the participants, the satisfactory performance of which results in a certificate of participation. Similar schemes are in operation in other specialties.

EQA schemes are required for CPA accreditation in the UK and are organised with advice from the Royal College of Pathologists
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He prayed the court to issue orders for writing up his performance evaluation reports for the last three years so that he could be promoted to next grade.
Suhoski's last performance evaluation, which he received in January 2012, included two "good" ratings and nine "acceptable" ones, while his first performance evaluation, done in December 2010, included seven "poor" ratings and two "unacceptable" ratings.
The Performance Evaluation Model measures how well HUD's REO vendors perform against the department's guidelines.
The study of methods and tools used for performance evaluation, as well as the results of this process, were among the specific objectives of a broader research undertaken by the author in Romanian organisations aiming at identifying the stage of development of various policies and practices which can be attributed to performance management (Avasilcai, 2001).
18) State Bank received an overall rating of "satisfactory" at its most recent CRA performance evaluation by the OCC, as of August 26, 2002.
Factors associated with the ultrasonic and correlation flowmeter sensor, installation issues, transmitter conditions and performance evaluation are provided to assist in your comparison.
From Extron comes the VTG 400, a programmable and upgradeable video and audio test generator designed as a reference tool for set-up, performance evaluation, system calibration, and troubleshooting of video and audio systems.
Stat meetings to assist me in this ongoing performance evaluation.
The three performance testing methods include 1) the use of calibrated samples, 2) comparisons with actual spot-welds, and 3) a performance evaluation of the embedded fitting software.
In the early spring, the PMTNM sponsors a Performance Evaluation Program.
The firm's new performance evaluation system measures how staff members live up to them as they work with peers, managers and subordinates.

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