performance context

per·for·mance con·text

(pĕr-fōr'măns kon'tekst)
A set of conditions, both internal and external, which mediate, support, and influence someone's performance of human activities; these conditions may include those of a cultural, physical, social, personal, temporal, spiritual, or virtual (i.e., occurring online) nature.
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Given the fact that the musicologist in charge of such an edition ideally knows the score and its performance context in greater detail than anyone, why would he or she forgo sharing that knowledge with musicians so they could take the score off the shelf and use the information to potentially present a historically sound and relevant performance?
This performance context centered in Creole culture, history and language immediately introduces the identity and politics that underscore the remaining three chapters in the book.
0 as a performance context,- Planning catenary system 6367 km route from 4.
The problem is, of course, that concrete evidence about the Globe and other playhouses is fragmentary and contradictory, but the internal evidence from the texts has not been fully and sagely mined to develop clearer ideas about performance context that might then be fed back into textual interpretation in a virtuous hermeneutic circle.
I choreograph to stay sane, to let a gnawing instinct have a voice where words often fail, and to feel my way through the complexity of life in an abstracted performance context.
In a performance context, what we see is that people racing the Red Bull car race faster and more aggressively, sometimes recklessly, and they either do very, very well or they push themselves too far and crash," said Adam Brasel.
The body of material here is very entertaining, albeit losing a little outside of a live performance context.
4) No such performance even attempts to recreate an ancient performance context, since modern and ancient audiences share so little in common.
This collection can act as a provocative frame for pertinent research in the South African performance context.
The report findings show that the soft client matched or outperformed the IP phone in terms of subjectively judged voice quality; however, the data was collected in a wideband performance context and the IP phone was narrowband-only.
Still, he recognizes that his acting background helps him hold an audience in the musical performance context.

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