performance context

per·for·mance con·text

(pĕr-fōr'măns kon'tekst)
A set of conditions, both internal and external, which mediate, support, and influence someone's performance of human activities; these conditions may include those of a cultural, physical, social, personal, temporal, spiritual, or virtual (i.e., occurring online) nature.
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In what follows, I attempt to recover the Towneley shepherds' feast's entanglement with an alimentary performance context.
In this study, we aimed to understand interpersonal coordination as a co-adaptive and self-organized behavior in a performance context by analyzing the rondo game with an ecological dynamics perspective (e.g., Araujo et al., 2006).
The latter makes clear that 'it is performance and not performance context with which [they] are concerned' (p.
Carla Baricz probes the texts of Henry Medwall's Fulgens and Lucres in an attempt to envision anew the ways in which the performance context of the play can clarify its formal structure.
A deeper discussion of performance context and reception history would enrich how people engaged with and expressed themselves through these ballads.
"selves") that we experience the actions of others in a performance context. In the most profound way, the bodies and movements of other people shape our discovery of movement and action, uncover to us ways of making meaning that resonate in layers of selfhood.
This performance context centered in Creole culture, history and language immediately introduces the identity and politics that underscore the remaining three chapters in the book.
Planning new construction of the replacement of 3 ee of the route 6367 (L-ME[micro]ckern - L-Leutzsch) 4.655 km (Elster 56 m clear width), 5,199 km (billet 99 m clear width) and 5,641 km (Nahle 41 m clear width)- Planning GE with civil engineering distance 6367 km from 4.1 to 6.0 as a performance context,- Planning catenary system 6367 km route from 4.1 to 6.0 as a performance context,- Planning of cable guides of the EEA under construction and final states,- LST-planning for the final state and the construction stages for the implementation of the above measures.
The problem is, of course, that concrete evidence about the Globe and other playhouses is fragmentary and contradictory, but the internal evidence from the texts has not been fully and sagely mined to develop clearer ideas about performance context that might then be fed back into textual interpretation in a virtuous hermeneutic circle.
Petkov's lens has removed Hilferty's footwear from its performance context and revealed it lovingly, simply, on its own terms: as artwork.
I choreograph to stay sane, to let a gnawing instinct have a voice where words often fail, and to feel my way through the complexity of life in an abstracted performance context. This is not an escape: I often choreograph to face my fears.
But when performance objects are taken out of their performance context and enter the exhibition space or storage rooms of a museum, their meaning shifts dramatically.
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