performance components

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action taken to fulfill a task.
performance components formerly, in occupational therapy, aspects of functional ability required for occupational performance; they were grouped into sensorimotor, cognitive, and psychological subcategories.
ineffective role performance a nursing diagnosis accepted by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, defined as patterns of behavior and self-expression that do not match the environmental context, norms, and expectations; this may be a change in self-perception or perception by someone else, a denial of role, a conflict between roles, a change in capacity to perform a role, or some other change.
occupational performance in occupational therapy, performance of all the activities that make up the individual's lifestyle; see also performance components.
role performance the fulfilling of an expected pattern of behavior.
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per·for·mance com·po·nents

(pĕr-fōr'măns kŏm-pŏ'nĕnts)
Sensorimotor, cognitive, psychosocial, and psychological elements of performance required for successful engagement in performance areas.
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