performance areas

per·for·mance ar·e·as

(pĕr-fōr'măns ār'ē-ăz)
Activities of daily living, work or other productive activity, play, and leisure that determine a person's functional abilities and define human activity.
Synonym(s): performance patterns.
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The rating upgrade of UBL FM takes into account broad based improvement across key performance areas including investment management, fund performance, control framework , and growth and delivery to assets under management.
Between now and next Spring, Indian Beach will see enhancements made to the site entrance, roadway, parking areas, canteen, performance areas, softball field and playground area of the Indian Beach waterfront park.
The new zones feature state-of-the-art sound systems, physical challenge and climbing zones and performance areas for children to sing and dance.
Convenience Store News for the Single Store Owner's inaugural Wholesaler Excellence Awards recognize companies for their outstanding efforts in five key performance areas.
When measuring performance areas in her left hemisphere, which houses vocabulary, abstract reasoning, practical reasoning, and verbal comprehension, she scored between 98 percent and 99 percent in all areas.
The award will recognise the institution that has demonstrated outstanding achievements and institutional excellence in major performance areas.
Rushton, committee chairman, argued for the change, saying too much public attention is paid to the numerical grades in the four performance areas rather than what the councilors have to say that led to that grade.
SELECT AND DEFINE RELEVANT IT PERFORMANCE AREAS Auditors can help develop a scorecard that focuses on high-level factors affecting critical IT performance areas, including strategy implementation, project completion, resource use, and process performance.
Once again the event will showcase the fantastic backdrop of the town's renowned art gallery mima and Centre Square, one of Europe's biggest town centre performance areas.
We acknowledge that MTCC was in material compliance with the contract," said Kwinter, "but the evidence clearly indicates that the public facility produced better results in key performance areas.
It addresses performance areas, including the selection of sustainable tenant space in addition to water usage reduction and lighting controls.

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