performance areas

per·for·mance ar·e·as

(pĕr-fōr'măns ār'ē-ăz)
Activities of daily living, work or other productive activity, play, and leisure that determine a person's functional abilities and define human activity.
Synonym(s): performance patterns.
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The 'development' performance areas are social development (state of health and nutrition, of education, of housing and basic utilities, and of peace and order conditions), economic development (state of income and of employment) and environmental development (state of agricultural ecosystem, of forest ecosystem, of coastal marine ecosystem, of freshwater ecosystem and of urban ecosystem).
Its four performance areas - Central Stage, Music City Stage, The Shubz, and the True School Club House big tops - will offer more than 20 hours of live music.
Material applicable to more than one type of occupancy is in independent units and the last section focuses special occupancies such as hazardous locations, health care, industrial locations, and motion picture and theater performance areas. The seventh edition reflects the 2017 edition of the code.
The training programme includes a number of themes, such analysing the performance areas, monitoring and evaluation of staff based on various parameters set by the programme.
Takaful are driven by improvement in key performance areas and strong profile of its sponsor.
Ratings assigned to Pak-Qatar Family Takaful are driven by improvement in key performance areas and strong profile of its sponsor.
The consortium believes that the current transcript is a broken instrument and that students would be better served with a transcript that focuses on performance areas, mastery standards, and micro-credit, instead of Carnegie units and grades.
The almost tripling of the net profit last year was attributed to "very good operational performance" and "overachievement" in a number of performance areas, a statement from Airbus said.
The ratings assigned to NRSPB takes account growing market share of the institution and sustained improvement across key performance areas including asset quality, liquidity and internal capital generation.
Implemented in more than 620 sites of care nationwide and used by more than 1,600 providers, iKnowMed EHR and iKnowMed Generation 2 received top rankings in 12 key performance areas, including support and customer care, best-of-breed technology and process improvement, and strategic alignment with client goals.
The Outstanding Rating is the highest rating a bank can receive and represents the Bank's commitment to our communities in several performance areas, which includes lending, investments, and services.'
This is clearly a complex issue, but simple moves, such as regular CIO reports to the board and tracking cyber-attack incidents above a certain threshold in the company's key performance areas, can convey the seriousness with which it is taken at the top," the researchers concluded.

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