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An instrument for making a bony opening through the cranium.
Synonym(s): trephine (1)
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(pĕr′fō-rā-tor) [L., a piercing device]
1. An instrument for piercing the skull and other bones.
2. A blood vessel that penetrates an organ (e.g. the septal perforator arteries of the heart); any of the perforating veins of the lower extremities

tympanum perforator

An instrument used to perforate the tympanum.
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A venous Doppler ultrasound examination was performed in all the patients prior to the surgical intervention in order to mark the trajectory of the superficial veins, as well as the communicant venous system, and all information regarding the local anatomy, the presence or absence of a collateral venous network, and the type of perforator veins was collected.
Groin flap and superficial circumflex iliac artery perforator flap.
Over the free flaps, the peroneal artery perforator flap has notable advantages making it a suitable option for distal leg defects: reliable, versatile design, composition, size and mobility of the flap, shorter operating time, less bleeding and thrombosis, calf muscle and peroneal vessel sparing while providing adequate blood perfusion to the flap [17, 18].
Systematic review of outcomes after surgical management of venous disease incorporating subfascial endoscopic perforator surgery.
For higher emissions (>0.09 ppm), and when using standard particleboards, the perforator gives satisfactory correlation to most chamber methods [34].
The perforator pedicled propeller flap is a useful and versatile option for coverage of compound lower limb defects, where the alternative means of coverage would have been a free flap.
Freestyle pedicled perforator flaps: Safety, prevention of complications, and management based on 85 consecutive cases.
The significance of these concepts of perforator flow between perforators directly impacts flap design and survival.
In recent years, perforator flaps become more popular due to their aesthetic results and less donor site morbidity [25-28].
They include standard pedicled and free flaps and newer adipofascial and perforator flaps, as well as pedicled and free vascularized bone transfers for bone reconstruction, ranging from a scaphoid nonunion to large bone defects.
The identification of inflowing perforator to RVs at about 10 cm distance in the rectum is helpful in selecting the optimum site of RVs banding.
50 should read "Also, formaldehyde (methanal [HCHO]) values of the particleboards were determined by the perforator method but not published."