perforating arteries

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per·fo·rat·ing ar·te·ries

(pĕr'fŏr-āt-ing ahr'tĕr-ēz)
Origin, arteria profunda femoris; distribution, as three or four vessels that pass through the aponeurosis of the adductor magnus to the posterior and anterior compartments of the thigh.
Synonym(s): arteriae perforantes [TA] .
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DSA showed on the left front side of the brain a small pial AVM, with a nidus measuring 5x5 mm, which was irrigated from perforating arteries of the M1 segment of the left medial cerebral artery (MCA), and also from one of the left MCA branches.
However, long grafts have a risk of kinking, thrombosis of perforating arteries after parent artery ligation and eventually vascular compromise.11
Anatomically, the proximal segment of PCA gives off some small perforating arteries to supply ipsilateral midbrain structure, so we speculated that ipsilateral PCA was the responsible vessel of midbrain infarction in our case, and the possible pathophysiology was large artery atherosclerosis according to the China Ischemic Stroke Subclassification.
Other notable, though less clinically relevant, branches of the profunda femoris are the perforating arteries, which typically are 3 to 4 in number and branch off the profunda femoris in a pattern based on their numerical order [7].

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