perforating appendicitis

per·fo·rat·ing ap·pen·di·ci·tis

inflammation of the appendix leading to perforation of the wall of the appendix into the peritoneal cavity, resulting in peritonitis.
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That is because CO2 insufflated in laparoscopic surgery led to spread of bacteria in abdominal cavity, especially in the treatment of perforating appendicitis. To reduce bacteria stay in abdominal cavity, abdominal cavity is thoroughly washed.
"Can perforating appendicitis be considered a separate disease entity?" Eur J Surg 165(5):481-482.
Among those USG positive cases, 1 case (2.6%) showed appendicolith, 2 cases (5.2%) showed appendicular mass, 2 cases (5.2%) showed appendicular abscess and 2 cases (5.2%) showed features s/o perforating appendicitis. In cases of appendicular abcess and one case of perforating appendicitis, inflamed appendix was not visualized.
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