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/per·fect/ (per´fekt) of a fungus, capable of reproducing sexually (with sexual spores).

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Q. swelling is not on the neck but where you would wear a necklace its perfect in shape all the way around and about a inch wide and slightly swollen and pain like a muscle ache by the shoulder and collar bone, came out of no where. i do have hypothyroid, but this is like nothing i ever had before; help please.

A. is it all the way around? or just in the frontal surface..? if it's all the way around ,swelling and redness- it could be an allergic reaction to a metal necklace you wore. if it's only in the frontal surface- it could be problems in your thyroid, like overgrowth or something.

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In fact, it isn't easy to achieve complete perfectness over this art.
So, take out the perfectness in your marketing and replace it with you.
love, which, though tried, thwarted, and turned aside from its perfectness in the wayfaring below, is still the animating spirit of the universe.
I am talking to the youths, opposition and supporters, intellectuals, people in the media, the educated, partisans, house wives and all good proactive social forces in this society; we are not pretending perfectness, but we are on the right bath," Ensour said, noting that this is a big day in the history of Jordan and if there are any deficiencies, we will fix it.
Strict perfection (Okada 1981) and properness (Myerson 1978) are refinements of trembling hand perfectness (Selten 1975).