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/per·fect/ (per´fekt) of a fungus, capable of reproducing sexually (with sexual spores).

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Q. swelling is not on the neck but where you would wear a necklace its perfect in shape all the way around and about a inch wide and slightly swollen and pain like a muscle ache by the shoulder and collar bone, came out of no where. i do have hypothyroid, but this is like nothing i ever had before; help please.

A. is it all the way around? or just in the frontal surface..? if it's all the way around ,swelling and redness- it could be an allergic reaction to a metal necklace you wore. if it's only in the frontal surface- it could be problems in your thyroid, like overgrowth or something.

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I don't mean to convince you that federalism is perfect or even perfectible.
They revelled in Marxian eschatology about the contradictions, crises and death of capitalism, and proclaimed the inevitable superiority of rational and perfectible socialism over the chaos of the market place.
It is clear that it is not a perfect model but a perfectible one.
Concretement, le choix des indicateurs est cependant perfectible etant donne le caractere tres sectoriel des indicateurs utilises dans le regime de la protection de la couche d'ozone.
His literary and philosophical sensibilities come from elsewhere, from safe European ideas about a perfectible nature that cares nothing for the uncanny, edgy or animist perspective that one often finds in Canadian fiction.
It will expose more what GCC has achieved in 30 years, which with the exception of a perfectible customs union, remain very little," Anani said.
The vanishing point of Brownson's thought is the utopian horizon of a perfectible social being, implied in many Transcendentalist writings
From Smith onwards, the appropriate function of political economy, and political economists, has been that of demonstrating how the market system, as a perfectible social organization, can, and to an extent does, channel the private interests of individuals toward the satisfaction of desires other than their own.
22) Like Whitman's, Lee's is a perfectible if not perfect America, a nation that still has to become the hospitable space willing to accommodate all the sides and faces of the evolving nation.
11) She is abandoning the repetitious, perfectible craft of weaving and instead wilfully entering a state in which she cannot assert her will--in which, crucially, she sees all her own mistakes and yet commits them anyway.
Humans are rational beings, and human reason is perfectible.
But he does apply the story of David and Bathsheba as an example of restorative faith and then presents As You Like It, Pericles, and Measure for Measure as illustrations of improved but not wholly perfectible human relations; whereas Love's Labor's Lost and Troilus and Cressida, like Jonson's plays, seek "simply to expose human weakness, not to suggest a possibility of overcoming it" (49).