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/per·fect/ (per´fekt) of a fungus, capable of reproducing sexually (with sexual spores).

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Q. swelling is not on the neck but where you would wear a necklace its perfect in shape all the way around and about a inch wide and slightly swollen and pain like a muscle ache by the shoulder and collar bone, came out of no where. i do have hypothyroid, but this is like nothing i ever had before; help please.

A. is it all the way around? or just in the frontal surface..? if it's all the way around ,swelling and redness- it could be an allergic reaction to a metal necklace you wore. if it's only in the frontal surface- it could be problems in your thyroid, like overgrowth or something.

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Porque mas adelante puede ocurrir algun incidente y las fuerzas federales lo ultimo que quieren es ser acusadas de violar derechos humanos y ser llevadas a tribunales domesticos o internacionales; con esta declaratoria, se subraya que la responsabilidad es de la autoridad civil, es un mandato de esta que se concreta mediante la declaratoria de seguridad interior, pero tambien tiene cosas perfectibles, opinables, como es lo que comentamos: numero uno, las Fuerzas Armadas siempre deben estar sometidas a la autoridad civil; dos, habria que repensar bien el tema de inteligencia; y tres, habia que repensar el tema de la sujecion al ministerio publico", evaluo Lara Rivera.
Siguiendo aquel principio del Aquinate, continua explicando Canals que ese acto de ser, perfectivo del ente, es participado en cuanto que recibido por todos los entes; pero que ello se da en diversos grados, en la medida en que el ser es recibido por una esencia en la que se da una mayor o menor potencialidad perfectible.
The virtuous and moral life is distinctively human, and the exercise of such a life leads to happiness in the human world, which is perfectible according to the rules God has given.
As a corollary to these, he argued against a Manichean dualism that would pit corruptible flesh against a perfectible spirit.
The system is also not the best of all possible systems, so there's lots of room for improvement--but like any system, it's not perfectible, no matter how many times it is reformed, re-engineered, or reimagined.
Virtually the entire education discourse today is a series of efforts by which to demonstrate that segregated schooling is perfectible.
This adherence to the idea of Arts and Crafts as a perfectible design creed is my only major cavil with Tankard's otherwise excellent--and beautifully produced--book on the subject.
Porque es evidente que en las distintas disciplinas del saber se trabaja en una tradicion que es perfectible y que exige profundidad de parte de quienes la alimentan y que la sola belleza, como unico valor metodologico, no determina que las ideas esten mas decantadas y que los conceptos otorguen mas sabiduria.
Freud and his kin also squashed the notion of the Rational and Perfectible Human.
The Amishman is the romanticized American that never was: He is Jefferson's gentleman-farmer; the perfectible, efficient handyman of Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanack; Thoreau's self-cultivator at one with nature; Turner's homesteader on the frontier.
The medium of education was, in early modern rimes, the construction of the imperfect but perfectible child; the medium is now, in the era of total pedagogization, the life course of men.
On the other hand, the implacability of what Soviet revolutionary filmmaker Dziga Vertov called the Kino-Eye, the endlessly restless and perfectible mechanical vision of the camera, is made palatable to the contemporary American consumer of war coverage by becoming a perversely reassuring proof that "we" are there and "we" are all there is to see or, pace Manovich, that seeing is commanding.