percutaneous route

percutaneous route (pur´kūtā´nē-us),

n a path of entry via the skin.
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Contract notice: Purchase and delivery aortic valves implanted percutaneous route running to make.
Infants were randomised by week of birth to receive Tokyo 172 BCG vaccine through the percutaneous route (N = 5 775) or intradermal route (N = 5 905) within 24 hours of birth and followed up for 2 years.
The reduced concentration of circulating free VX following poisoning by the percutaneous route in animals treated with non-pegylated rBChE supports the conclusions of an earlier study (Mikler et al, 2007) that rBChE has potential utility as a post poisoning therapy.
As the officer spent considerable time outdoors in areas where WNV transmission was relatively high in 2003 and repeatedly handled infected birds, we cannot eliminate the possibility of a mosquito bite or other percutaneous route of transmission.
Contract notice: Purchase (delivery) aortic valves implanted percutaneous route to the cath lab heart.
Supply of aortic valve implanted via the percutaneous route 14 sets.
Supply of aortic valve implanted percutaneous route - 14 sets.

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