percutaneous nephrostomy

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creation of a permanent opening into the renal pelvis.
Positioning of a percutaneous nephrostomy tube. From Bolander, 1994.
percutaneous nephrostomy insertion of a catheter through the skin and into the renal pelvis under the guidance of fluorography or ultrasonography; performed for relief of obstruction and to gain access to the upper urinary tract for a variety of procedures, such as dilation of strictures or removal of calculi.

per·cu·ta·ne·ous ne·phros·to·my

drainage of the collecting system through a catheter inserted through the skin of the flank under fluoroscopic control, usually using the Seldinger technique.

percutaneous nephrostomy

The placement of a catheter into the renal pelvis from the posterolateral aspect of the body below the 11th rib using radiologic guidance.
See also: nephrostomy
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Percutaneous nephrostomy and ureteral stenting for the treatment of pyonephrosis were compared and it was reported that both percutaneous and retrograde routes were effective.
Emergent ureteric stent vs percutaneous nephrostomy for obstructive urolithiasis with sepsis: Patterns of use and outcomes from a 15- year experience.
Ultrasound guided percutaneous nephrostomy was performed and pus was sent for culture and sensitivity.
It also included cases where percutaneous nephrostomy was used to temporarily divert urine in the presence of urinary tract leaks and fistula so that healing may occur.
Methodology: Total number of 300 patients of age 20-80 years who underwent JJ stenting or percutaneous nephrostomy for obstructive uropathy were included in this study.
The most frequently performed institutional procedures that may cause iatrogenic renal injury are renal biopsy, percutaneous nephrostomy placement, laparoscopic or open partial nephrectomy and PNL.
0 Fr, 60cm,Chiba (Skinny) needle with stylet 24G 20cm (for puncturing and opacifying renal pelvis)-Presterilised and disposable,Sterile and disposable two part trocar needle with echo tip 18G, 20cm for initial puncture in percutaneous nephrostomy.
The aim of the study is to assess the salvageability of giant hydronephrosis, non-visualized on IVU, using percutaneous nephrostomy and to compare various parameters used to estimate the recoverability of renal function.
Even recommendations have been made that, provided the open surgical procedure is not being considered immediately, an attempt should be made for ureteral stenting or percutaneous nephrostomy.
Multipule treatment options are available ranging from temporary diversion by percutaneous nephrostomy, hemodialysis and sepsis control in case of infection to definitive surgical correction of obstruction.

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